Gail Meijer (1993, Leiden) started photography when she was 15 years old. After finishing art school, she decided to focus on fashion photography. Since March 2015 she has been available as a freelance fashion photographer. Her work is defined by using different angles and specific use of light and her focus on fashion. She has made work for different magazines such as HUF Magazine, Latest Magazine and Institute Magazine.

Next to her work as a photographer she also gives workshops as she graduated for her Bachelor of Arts in Education.  As a complete self taught photographer she’s open for collaborations and always eager to learn more.




Volant Magazine, 2017, ‘Extraterrestrial’: http://volantmagazine.de/2017/07/extraterrestrial/

Institute Magazine, 2017, ‘Androgyne Chic’: https://institute-mag.com/2017/08/01/androgyne-chic/

Latest Magazine, 2017, ‘My way or no way’: https://www.latestmagazine.net/single-post/2017/11/08/-My-way-or-no-way

Lucy’s Magazine, 2017, ‘INTERNAL’, https://lucysmagazine.com/portfolio/internal/

Latest Magazine, 2018, ‘Limitless’: https://www.latestmagazine.net/single-post/2018/01/14/Limitless

HUF-Magazine, 2018, ‘Too Glam To Give a Damn’: http://hufmagazine.com/too-glam-to-give-a-damn-photography-by-gail-meijer-for-huf-magazine/

Latest Magazine, 2018, ‘Gipsy Tale’: https://www.latestmagazine.net/single-post/2018/03/05/Gipsy-Tale



Volant Magazine, 2017, ‘Utilitarian Sensebility’, Diversity Issue October,  Volume 4

Elegant Magazine, 2017, ‘RAW’, Volume 5 October 2017

Latest Magazine, 2017, ‘Moonchild’, December Issue 2017



Modelcitizenmedia.com, 2017: https://www.modelcitizenmedia.com/single-post/2017/06/20/Featured-Photographer-Gail-Meijer

Lemontrend.com, 2017: https://lemontrend.com/photographers/fashion-photographer-gail-meijer/



Martijn Senders: Grazia nr. 48, ‘Diamonds and Pearls, 2015

Martijn Senders: Winq Magazine nr. 73, ‘A little party never killed nobody, 2016

Philip Riches: Portfolioshoot Riches Management, 2016

Martijn Senders: Grazia nr. 12, ‘High fashion, low prices’, 2016

Martijn Senders: Grazia nr. 20, ‘Dress to chill’, 2016

Martijn Senders: series ‘Confused’, exhibition The Vision Art Project Hamburg, 2016

Martijn Senders: series ‘Planetary’, Designscene.net, 2017

Martijn Senders: Several shoots for Styleschool ByDanie, 2016-2017



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